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Flute Asylum has a new helper, Ryne Van Horn who was a finisher at Powell flutes for several years. Ryne and Tom now are able to cross-check each other's work to provide even more consistent and complete quality.

Tom Peterson will soon be working part time, and there are other changes coming that will hopefully allow both Tom Peterson and Ryne Van Horn to keep doing Chicago flute work far into the future.

It has been necessary to raise prices, we understand that music isn't always the highest paying field, but in order to spend the amount of time required to do good work we have had to adjust prices to better reflect the work involved. There will probably be some other price changes in the near future.

There is a national shortage of techs doing specialized flute work, and it seems to be getting worse as time goes on. We are hoping to work with others to help train younger flute techs, more on this in the next couple of months.

  • Chicago Area Flute Repair by Tom Peterson, former finisher/padder at Brannen Brothers, and Ryne Van Horn, former finisher/padder at Powell flutes
  • Both are Straubinger and Muramatsu certified
  • Parts and pads in stock for Brannen Brothers, Powell, Muramatsu, Miyazawa, and other fine flutes
  • Tom is listed on the Brannen Brothers site as a "Brannen Brothers Endorsed Master Repair Technician"

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