Quality Repairs Since Gerald Ford was President
  • Chicago Area Flute Repair by Tom Peterson, former finisher/padder at Brannen Brothers
  • Straubinger and Muramatsu certified
  • Recommended by Brannen Brothers
  • Parts and pads in stock for Brannen Brothers, Powell, Muramatsu, Miyazawa, and other fine flutes
  • Listed on the Brannen Brothers site as a "Brannen Brothers Endorsed Master Repair Technician"

Flute Asylum
5 South Wabash Ave.
Suite 802A
Chicago, IL 60603


4/24/17 There is a very nice Brannen for sale that I just overhauled. If anyone is interested give me a call or email and I'll give you more information. It's silver with a gold riser on the lip plate, Brogger mechanism, B foot. Not sure of price, but I can put you in contact with the seller.

Brannen flute for sale


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